Veeam error, consolidate-helper-0

As I mentioned the other day we had a little hiccup with veeam.

I don’t know if this related or not, but we ended up with some stuck snapshots.

The easiest way to find this is to use the Awesome RVTools (I should probably figure out a way to script this alert though)

Now I need to figure out how to remove these snapshot, bother.

So, I looked into getting scripted alerts. This guy seems to be the best:

For what ever reason I had a hard time getting all the requirements setup just right at first. But eventually installing powershell 2.0 in server 2003, and then I installed VMware-PowerCLI-5.1.0-1012425.exe I was finally able to kick everything off…. now it is running a tremendous arsenal against my vmware environment. I’m pretty sure I need to go fix like a bazillion things now…. hmmm


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