Dragonfly Visual Data Center

So I ran across some software that gives you a 3D view of your data center. It’s really cool stuff and I thought it would be useful to map our where all of our technological assets where located. Currently I work for National Frozen Foods and we have fair number of computers etc.. etc.. on the shop floor. Well to make a long story short, they are very proud of their software. And it certainly isn’t attainable for a small to mid sized business. So, I’ve started to make my own. I like to stand on the shoulders of giants so after some googling OpenSim is turning out to be a wonderful candidate for the creation of 3D worlds. And what’s even more awesome is this guy Mic Bowman wrote basically an API for OpenSim here https://github.com/cmickeyb/dispatcher

Now just to bring it all together 🙂

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