Software Projects

like to dabble in coding. Hopefully, with lots and lots and lots of practice I might one day be good at it. 

One program I wrote thats kindof nifty is what I call Global Domination. Basically its like the builtin microsoft ‘network neighborhood’ with some tweaks. I can actually tell if a computer is on or not. I find it truly annoying to see a computer in the ‘network neighborhood’ when in fact its been off for a week (or it doesn’t show up for a week) anyways, I get a green square if its on, red if its off. Plus if I double click on the computer it fires off ultravnc so I can remote control the computer. Plus you can pan and zoom thanks to the zui piccolo library its based off of.

Here is the project but the code is utter crap.
I was learning and experimenting with lots of concepts and it defintely shows.

The next was my experimentation with audio hyperlinking.

Another is part of my CrowNose suite, its the CrowNose badge maker. Its actually in production and falls under my category of software that works though ugly.


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