Actually getting autoexpect to work on Windows solved

So I heard about this really cool tool called autoexpect… so I read here that Expect is

part of activestates free offering, so of course I download it, but Expect can’t be found!

So after more searching I found that you have to add it

(USE teacup install Expect)

But then after more research I find that it’s impossible for Autoexpect to work inside of the ActiveState version.

This post explains in detail why

Anyways so what is a guy to do? So I installed cygwin, and installed all of the packages (took a long time but guaranteed that expect would be there). Then of course I couldn’t find autoexpect.

Well autoexpect is just a script anyways, so I was able to download it using this guys site and instructions.

Wish I could have those hours of my life back….