Actually getting autoexpect to work on Windows solved

So I heard about this really cool tool called autoexpect… so I read here that Expect is

part of activestates free offering, so of course I download it, but Expect can’t be found!

So after more searching I found that you have to add it

(USE teacup install Expect)

But then after more research I find that it’s impossible for Autoexpect to work inside of the ActiveState version.

This post explains in detail why

Anyways so what is a guy to do? So I installed cygwin, and installed all of the packages (took a long time but guaranteed that expect would be there). Then of course I couldn’t find autoexpect.

Well autoexpect is just a script anyways, so I was able to download it using this guys site and instructions.

Wish I could have those hours of my life back….



  1. Re: Actually getting autoexpect to work on Windows solved

    I can’t give you back your hours, but I can let you know you saved me (and probably countless others) from the same black hole. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. Hi,
    maybe you’ll be able to help me? plz!
    I followed your instructions, installed cygwin with expect package. I placed autoexpect script into /usr/bin directory. I ran it first time and get error that env(SHELL) is not defined. I set system variable SHELL to bash. Now I can run autoexpect … BUT it does not work as expected. I assume that’s something with my environment but can’t figure out what prevents it to spawn the shell. When I run script.exp file I’ve got this output :
    spawn bash

    susja@susja /usr/bin
    And that’s it … i.e. it hangs on this place and the only way to exit is to press Ctrl+C. It look that something wrong with spawning the shell or etc.
    Any idea how to make it work?

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