Proper Etiquette For Unmounting a LUN or Detaching a Datastore/Storage Device from multiple ESXi 5.x #EqualLogic #VMWARE

So I was complaining to a group of fellow nerds about how much a pain in the butt it is to ‘properly’ remove a LUN from ESX… you know so that you don’t cause an APD incident (you know, accidentally freeze up all of your virtual machines…)

So the proper procedure is painful (less painful though than it used to be with 4.1 ESX though)

So then of course vmPete chimes in with I just use the EqualLogic HIT kit Virtual edition

Duh! I had been so busy getting ESX5.1 i setup and the new vcenter that I forgot all about it! Well let me tell you, it is a lifesaver! With just a couple of clicks I can create a volume, and with a couple of clicks I can delete a volume! Do you know how much time and pain that saves! So now I’m having fun recreating my volume with vmfs5.

Unknown error returned by VMware Converter Agent, one fix, solved

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This was caused by some bad blocks on the physical computer that was being virtualized. One guy in the vmware forum suggested to upgrade the converter to 3.0.3 and bingo that did the trick. I didn’t get to ‘pull’ it using the ESX server, instead I installed the standalone converter 3.0.3 of course on the physical machine. I see some warnings that the converter is ignoring bad blocks and the virtualization goes smoothly. So there you go