Memory/battery problems were detected. The adapter was recovered, but cached data was lost

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On our IBM 3850 M2, LSI MegaRAID SAS-MFI BIOS Version NT11 (Build Jul 05, 2007)

Replacing the RAID card battery appeared to fix this issue. (It would hang at the info screen)

IBM 3850 m2 install notes

Two Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Nics were installed in the ‘easy/screwless’ pci express ports I think numbers 6 and 7 for some reason the server would not boot. Moved it over to 0 and 1 and boots just fine.

Had very strange issue where server would not boot due to what looked like a display issue, it would cycle the monitor on and off without a display for vmware server, server 2003, everything. After swapping out almost everything a flash of the bios and a reset to default settings got it working again… very strange.

You know what is awesome? using an IBM 3850 m2 server to…

Install ESX 3.5 and then download the Nostalgia Virtual Appliance, then play Blockout or Prince of Persia. Wow