Memory/battery problems were detected. The adapter was recovered, but cached data was lost

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On our IBM 3850 M2, LSI MegaRAID SAS-MFI BIOS Version NT11 (Build Jul 05, 2007)

Replacing the RAID card battery appeared to fix this issue. (It would hang at the info screen)



  1. I am trying to install a brand new IBM 3850 M2. When I try and install the NOS it says no hard disks detected and I am pretty sure it’s because I have not setup the logical RAID yet… and I have NO idea how to do so.

    If you’re an expert in this arena, please feel free to drop me a line:


  2. A new update, I updated the firmware on the 10k card and that finally made the battery errors go away!!

    Also, I HAD TO UNPLUG THE FIBER SAN in order to run updatexpress!! on the 3850 M2

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