#Opensim finding a UUID of an object

Give it a unique name and then in the opensim console type

show part name ‘the name’

it will show you the UUID

Ok, scratch that. In the singularity viewer go in to edit mode and then press the Copy Key button.


#OpenSim #OpenSimulator with Dispatcher

I recently started messing with OpenSim. Such a fascinating piece of software! My kids have gotten quite the kick as I have been building virtual worlds around them.

Next on my agenda was the ability to move\change\etc… objects externally somehow. That is where Dispatcher comes in.

So, I first needed to get dispatcher up and running.

You need the ‘master’ version from (Just download Zip)

Unzip it to say c:\Opensim-master

No, get a copy of Dispatcher from

Next, copy the two modules (folders named dispathcer and rcontrol) (Inside dispatcher-master\modules)



Install yourself a copy of Visual C# Express 2010

Run the c:\Opensim-master\runprebuild.bat

Double Click the c:\Opensim-master\OpenSim.sln

DispatcherModule should be at the top of your Solution Explorer

Build it.

If you are lucky your build will succeed 🙂

You should now have a Dispatcher.dll inside your C:\opensim-master\bin directory

You will need to do some configing before anything will work.

I just used the defaults in the Dispatcher.ini

You also need an OpenSim.ini (I used the config-include/Standalone.ini) and setup the


(I got my config from the binary package from

To check that it is there,

run dispatcher stats (All lower case)