#OpenSim #OpenSimulator with Dispatcher

I recently started messing with OpenSim. Such a fascinating piece of software! My kids have gotten quite the kick as I have been building virtual worlds around them.

Next on my agenda was the ability to move\change\etc… objects externally somehow. That is where Dispatcher comes in.

So, I first needed to get dispatcher up and running.

You need the ‘master’ version from

https://github.com/opensim/opensim (Just download Zip)

Unzip it to say c:\Opensim-master

No, get a copy of Dispatcher from https://github.com/cmickeyb/dispatcher

Next, copy the two modules (folders named dispathcer and rcontrol) (Inside dispatcher-master\modules)



Install yourself a copy of Visual C# Express 2010

Run the c:\Opensim-master\runprebuild.bat

Double Click the c:\Opensim-master\OpenSim.sln

DispatcherModule should be at the top of your Solution Explorer

Build it.

If you are lucky your build will succeed 🙂

You should now have a Dispatcher.dll inside your C:\opensim-master\bin directory

You will need to do some configing before anything will work.

I just used the defaults in the Dispatcher.ini

You also need an OpenSim.ini (I used the config-include/Standalone.ini) and setup the


(I got my config from the binary package from http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Download)

To check that it is there,

run dispatcher stats (All lower case)


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