Silly me, using the right config file for Altova Mapforce

I’ve been using mapforce for quite a long time and love it. Up until now I have always just used the default built in 00501 configurations for EDI. Well, I ran into an edi doc that needed a few additions. Well, cool I thought. I will just go in and edit the .config file, I love that flexibility! Well little did I know that if I had gone here

I could have just downloaded all of the various flavors from 3040-5030 (about 15 in total I think) and then I could have picked the right one to start out with! How’s that for ease of use!

Notice them all along the top! Oh, yeah and if you press the button that says Download additional EDI collections it will get you to the same place!

So since I’m lazy I just opened up the .mfd file with notepad and replaced the old config for the new config. I had to move around a few things but then wala I’m using that version of the config file. Nifty huh.

I am going acronym crazy, Implementing Adage ATF files using XML

So our ERP can accept XML files. So I am trying to figure out how to get the X12 doc into the proper XML form. Luckily I have altova mapforce, and I recently just downloaded the trial of Altova XML Spy… I’ll probably end buying it as well, I wonder if they will let me take advantage of their package pricing even though I already bought a single version of Mapforce by itself? Anyways since the ERP provided a DTD (Document Type Definition) I found out that you can use XMLSpy to convert a DTD into an XSD which MapForce can use as an XML structure definition. And right now while typing I just realized that MapForce can also accept DTD file so I will just skip that step.

So now I just need to drag my EDI over to the DTD and tada the import will be complete!

Altova Mapforce is the best!