I am going acronym crazy, Implementing Adage ATF files using XML

So our ERP can accept XML files. So I am trying to figure out how to get the X12 doc into the proper XML form. Luckily I have altova mapforce, and I recently just downloaded the trial of Altova XML Spy… I’ll probably end buying it as well, I wonder if they will let me take advantage of their package pricing even though I already bought a single version of Mapforce by itself? Anyways since the ERP provided a DTD (Document Type Definition) I found out that you can use XMLSpy to convert a DTD into an XSD which MapForce can use as an XML structure definition. And right now while typing I just realized that MapForce can also accept DTD file so I will just skip that step.

So now I just need to drag my EDI over to the DTD and tada the import will be complete!

Altova Mapforce is the best!


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