The state of Open Source EDI part II

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In my hunt I have stumbled across two more projects. Skylark EDI which appears to be resting from development. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. The second is webswell connect I tried to install this software but it took an incredibly long time and then I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I think it probably does way more than I am looking for.



  1. Have you found any good solutions for AS2? I am looking into it now for my company and can’t believe how much it costs. I was looking at mec AS2. Did you ever use it?

  2. It is crazy how much that stuff costs huh! In my mind its just a glorified FTP server, you can thank the whole ‘AS2 certification’ board for the high price. You would think if a couple of companies got together you could pool funds to certify one open source AS2 software to the benefit of everyone but I’m dreaming 🙂

    I did mess with it at least to verify that it would work 🙂 A few caveats though, it does not run as a service so you would have to figure out a way to make it start on system start. (There is a way to wrap it as a service but then you can’t get to the GUI, which does not seem that useful to me 🙂

    It is not Drummond Certified, which your partners may have as a requirement.

    You really need another system to monitor the transmissions, for example on failed transmissions I don’t think it can auto resend (this why they are trying to sell Mec Eagle, or the commercial version of mec AS2.)

    It looks like they have added new features (I last looked at it in build 19 and its now on 25) It looks like they have added email alerts. If you can work around the limitations it seems to be very solid.

    Here is a quickstart guide I wrote,

    also take note of the comment to

    Run portecle on computer A and open up c:\mec\as2\certificates.p12 (this p12 file contains all of your keys and certs for mec)

    Password Box type in “test”

    Took me forever to find that info!

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