My viral video, “how do you kronos” strategy

So I’m always interested in new ways of doing things and I was somewhat surprised when kronos released their ‘how do you kronos’ video contest.

First things first I needed to make a video, so I got to brain storming and then I thought I would spoof Monsters Inc. I needed to be able to do all of the filming from home, because my wife was about to give birth so I also needed to be able to produce it fast.

So I got out my trusty digital camera, not a video camera, and I made some card board cutouts. Then I fired up my favorite free video editing tool named wax.

This allows me to erase video from one clip to allow a second clip to show through. Wax also allows pictures to be overlaid and moved over video it really is a great tool.

Of course for any audio work I always pull out audacity.

After I have it all rendered and how I like it (I think I used virtual dub for some video combining)

I then run it through the excellent super converter (good luck finding the download link, I don’t know why they make it so hard) that it makes it into a nice packaged mp4 for uploading.

So next comes the hard part, getting noticed. I ran it through the usual channels, reddit, stubledupon, myspace, and blogged about it and then emailed it to many family and friends. So far the response has been really good! It has 846 views and is coming in tops for views. When August approaches I will start to ask more coworkers to vote for me, hopefully the video will do well!


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