SpiceWorks review part 2 and IP ranges

So SpiceWorks stayed up over the weekend (that’s always a good sign) and I did get a response on how set it to scan for ranges. Its pretty simple but not mentioned in the documentation.

If you want it to scan say 10.1.x.x  then you can feed it a range in place of a number. So your scan would look like (parenthesis added for clarification)

10.1.(1-254).(1-254) (parenthesis added for clarification) I would assume this to mean that you could concoct something evil like


Although I don’t know if you can add 90-100     to get it to scan 1 – 5 and 90 – 100 ??

Anyone? bueller?

I messed around with email alerts and got a whole bunch letting me know that a lot of my workstations have less than 25% diskspace free. I guess we will be having some fun expanding partitions.

I have noticed that SpiceWorks has not yet updated a machine from offline to online even though it has been online for over an hour. I also rescanned it to see if that would kick it in the head, but no joy. At first I thought it might have not followed it across a dhcp renew to a different address but nope same address, and its online but spiceworks thinks its off. Oh well

Oh yeah vote for my stupid video http://videocontest.kronos.com/kickapps/_Kronsters-Inc/video/258026/34016.html


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