Getting serious about the WickBrick

So I have finally started up my work again on my most amazing of inventions the ‘WickBrick’ (Patent Pending, I can say that cause I filed a provisional patent doncha know) anyways….

I took my prototype and some sketches over to a local CNC shop and am waiting back on an estimate for a small aluminum test candle mold. I am curious to see how much this sort of thing costs, never having had anything machined before. It was fascinating to tour the place and see all of the different machines. Because of the drill bits that will be used some of the edges will have a slight curve which should give the WickBrick’s more of an ‘organic’ look. I am super excited to get the mold and start cranking out some more candles. I have also had a few more ideas that I am excited to try. Then I have to of course start marketing and selling the suckers… I think some family and friends will be getting WickBricks for Christmas to beta test this year!

Mofongo, garlic flavoured mashed plantains*

So we tried out a new restaurant in town ‘Marimba’ (1405 Hewitt Ave Everett, WA 98201)

It was excellent. I forgot that my iphone can take fairly decent pictures these days so I would have snapped a few pictures but luckily this blog captured the place well

I tried out the mofongo, and everyone at the table was jealous 🙂 If I had taken a picture, this is what it would have looked like 🙂

all of the rest of the dishes they tried were really good as well. The juice selection was excellent. I tried lime, my wife cantelope, and my parents tried combos of mango and banana and such.  All very good. To top it off we shared some flan, which may have been the best I have had. So there you have it, go check out the Marimba in Everett and tell ’em Michael sent you (not that they know who I am or anything).

*Plantains by the way are a type of banana that you typically cook and is treated somewhat like a potato