Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Crystal reports compared to Kronos HR/Payroll reports

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So both Timekeeper and HR/Payroll have Crystal reports but they are implemented a little differently. Hr/Payroll uses a crystal report viewer, which allows for a little more functionality. It also does not need to ’embed’ a font so it can display something like a micr font that is set to not allow embedding.

On the other hand, the Timekeeper crystal implementation does not use the the crystal report viewer, it instead generates a PDF which is then viewed.

So in trying to get a 3of9 barcode font to work in Timekeeper I discovered a few things. The first and most important: After installing the font you need to restart your server! You could probably get away with just restarting the service, but just to be sure 🙂 It appears that what ever engine is creating the reports needs to refresh its font list (otherwise you get a replacement font! instead of the desired barcode)

So we spent a lot of time with support trying to get that sorted out! Ahh its amazing how often a reboot solves things!

So I learned a few things about fonts that I never knew. I didn’t even know that you could put restrictions on your font’s, sort of like restrictions on a PDF whether you are allowed to print, save, etc…

For a font you have the options of Installable( the least restrictive), editable, print and preview, and Restricted (No Embedding)

If you want to view the embedding settings on a font you can download Microsoft’s Font Properties Editor

If you want to edit the embedding settings then use ’embed’

or here but don’t be evil.

My EDI Qlikview Dashboard

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In order to get a little better visibility into our world of EDI I thought it would be fun to create a simple EDI Qlikview Dashboard. It sucks in data from a couple of Databases: AS2, TrustedLink, and Adage and shows it in a somewhat linked manner.

The first is the AS2 tab which shows incoming AS2’s, with a fancy bargraph showing how many transmissions per day. It also highlights in red if the AS2 has not yet been processed into the ERP.

It also allows me to click on an transmissions and review the raw EDI.

It also has tabs for incoming orders and outgoing invoices. All and all an interesting start to what will hopefully become a really useful dashboard. In the future I would like to add visibility to outgoing 940’s, 856’s, and perhaps incoming 945’s.

How do you do? I got a 23 which I think is fairly good

This is a color hue test.

I recently ran an informal training on Outlook, here are some of my tips and tricks

Since I wanted to put on a good training I tried to find some good tips.

What started the whole thing off was when I pushed out the DumpsterAlwaysOn setting to allow our users to recover even their hard deleted emails.

This is done by creating an .ADM, opening up group policy editor, adding an admin template, IN ORDER TO SEE IT YOU MUST GO TO VIEW, FILTERING, and uncheck the Only show policy settings that can be fully managed!

Here is the .ADM

CATEGORY “[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options]”
KEYNAME “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options”
POLICY “DumpsterAlwaysOn”
PART “DumpsterAlwaysOn” NUMERIC
VALUENAME “DumpsterAlwaysOn”

Then they can recover it by going to Recover Deleted Items (of course based on their exchange policy)

The next useful thing I covered was deleting invalid e-mail addresses from the Autocomplete List.

I showed them how you should not trust an email as a ‘real’ document because of how easy it is to edit them….

The next was adding the back button to Outlook

And then I explored using Xobni a very useful outlook addon.

My newest favorite windows tip!

This is great, Internet Options, Advanced tab, “Use inline AutoComplete”

DO IT NOW! really!

It does what it says, it autocompletes your typing in the browser. But also does it from the run box! Which is very useful!

If you want this functionality in FireFox (you know you do) then about:config and enable browser.urlbar.autoFill

This is beautiful

(Not adult content by the way, even though it warns)

I guess its just the book lover in me.

Silly me, using the right config file for Altova Mapforce

I’ve been using mapforce for quite a long time and love it. Up until now I have always just used the default built in 00501 configurations for EDI. Well, I ran into an edi doc that needed a few additions. Well, cool I thought. I will just go in and edit the .config file, I love that flexibility! Well little did I know that if I had gone here

I could have just downloaded all of the various flavors from 3040-5030 (about 15 in total I think) and then I could have picked the right one to start out with! How’s that for ease of use!

Notice them all along the top! Oh, yeah and if you press the button that says Download additional EDI collections it will get you to the same place!

So since I’m lazy I just opened up the .mfd file with notepad and replaced the old config for the new config. I had to move around a few things but then wala I’m using that version of the config file. Nifty huh.