Office97.cmd Download for running Office97 on Terminal Server 2003

So I looked long and hard and far and wide for a place to download the Application Compatibility Scripts that would allow Access97 to work on Terminal Server 2003 (don’t ask) anyways I never did find it on the web. I did however find it on one of our legacy NT 4.0 TS servers (don’t ask) and have uploaded and linked it here for your downloading pleasure. Hope it is of use to someone out there in a bind.



  1. Geez! I never thought I could find these scripts anywhere (besides on an NT4TS). Sadly, I need to set up a WS03 Terminal Server for running Office 97. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for putting this up, I needed it in a bind and wasn’t able to find it on any of my install CD’s or on the web thanks again.

  3. Thank you so much – saved me a world of hurt having to replace an aging TS machine and keep Office 97 running (don’t ask).

  4. Thanks So……….. Much. I have setup two additional 2003 terminal servers and the client needs to run Access 97 for an old Access front end. Please keep link active for some other poor soul stuck in 97 hell.

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