‘Open Source’ Free sleep CD for Babies or whomever

So I was searching all over for free sleep CD’s to help our little one get some shut eye. I have created what my wife calls ‘the primo white noise CD’ which I need to still post. Basically 70 mins of ‘pink noise’ that fades in and fades out so when you put the CD player on loop it doesn’t wake up the baby! If you know your way around audio editing (Audacity is great) the have fun with this http://www.beprepared.net/tools_whitenoise.html

Other sources of helpful sleep noise are here http://cantonbecker.com/music/white-noise-sleep-sounds/

And here http://www.calm-your-screaming-baby.com/soothing-sounds.html

And finally the moment you have all been waiting for, my sleep track is here


I term it open source because the copy of moonlight sonata came from wikipedia, the ocean sound from here http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=28058

And the heart beat from here


I have a couple of other ideas for some sleep CD’s and will probably make a couple more tracks!



  1. I like how you tried to mix all sorts of things together here, but I think the piano music (moonlight sonata?) was too loud, and generally distracted from the heartbeat and ocean sounds. That said it is still a wonderful addition to the world of sleep sounds.

  2. Hey, Mike,

    This post came in really handy for me last night. The neighbors were having a hiphop party downstairs with music so loud my floor was vibrating. So I played pink noise on repeat. It didn’t drown out everything, but I was able to get to sleep. Thanks for the tip!

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