Replication is Easy, DR is hard

So here is the situation, we are looking into setting up our DR site. Of course there are about a thousand ways to go about doing this.

The most basic approach appears to be SAN replication. We love our EqualLogic SAN’s but the Delta that they transmit appears to be very heavy. People that I know that are using EqualLogic replication have very fat pipes at least 10Mbit connections or 100Mbit or of course the lucky ones use fiber.

So that next brings in WAN accelerators. It sounds like Riverbed does a decent job maybe 80 – 90 % reduction I don’t know much about BlueCoat, F5, SilverPeak or how they fair probably around that same rate. (Maybe HyperIP)

But this brings up the question whether I should be replication at this level anyways? We already are 100% virtualized so would replication at the VM level make more sense? We could use something like Veeam and maybe in conjunction with a WAN optimizer?

But then again should I just be using DAG for exchange? Is there an equivalent way to do this with SQL 2005? Or should I go with something like doubleTake ?

Also, I’m guessing that getting the virtual machine swapfile off on its own volume would be a good idea. I’m trying to figure out if its important to do anything with the paging file inside of the Guest OS?

Anyways, these are my thoughts, and questions. Anyone out there doing DR have any comments!