Qlikview, are you losing your way?

We were an early adopter of QlikView and it is a great great tool. But recently one thing has been making me angry. Why can’t I download a copy of Qlikview Server…. you know the one I have paid for. It use to be so easy, I would go to the FTP site and just download what I needed. Now you are making it extremely hard. I have to have an authorized account. And guess what no one has been able to authorize my account for the past 3 weeks. Hello, this is showing great incompetence in the way you are running your business and does not inspire me with faith in the direction that the company is going.

Bring back the FTP server, please.


One comment

  1. Michael,

    I’d like to apologize for the frustration that you’ve been having while trying to download QlikView Server. This issue was caused by a duplicate entry in our system, which has now been fixed. I’ve tested your account, and I was able to access all appropriate file downloads. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or issues with your QlikView account.

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