EqualLogic, why I haven’t blogged about it lately

Well, first off I’ve been fairly busy with an ECM project (many posts forthcoming). Of course all of the images are going to go onto our 30TB equallogic ‘SUMO’ but the real reason… The equallogic just works… thats it, it just works like it should, day in and day out.

I do have some work planned. I need to upgrade to the latest and greatest of vsphere, upgrade to the 5.0.2 firmware (I’m really looking forward to the offloading of the snapshots to the SAN!!) and then I need to get the MEM equallogic pluging working (I hear promises of 10-15% speed increase!) so I have plenty to do in the future! Oh as well as I can’t wait to get the new version of Veeam installed!

So there!


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