EQL users, do you use the web GUI or CLI for firmware upgrades?

I’m curious about all of those EQL users out there, do you use the web GUI for your firmware upgrades or do you use the CLI?

After reading the post below I think I’m leaning towards the CLI upgrade, you?


During the upgrade I recieved a Kernel Panic and subsequent Panic Recovery, looks like the controller crashed during the update this resulted in the iSCSI targets being unavailable for a couple of minutes, the controllers did not fail over and I now have a Firmware mismatch.

Spoke to EqualLogic support, according to them there is a rare issue with FW Versions 5.1.x  that in when you process a firmware update using the Java based Group Manager GUI, there are instances when the firmware file becomes corrupted.  Support siad that this is a very rare issue and that it will be addressed in further updates.


One comment

  1. Hi Michael, I’ve been updating Firmwares trough the web Gui since I started implementing this product with our customers.
    I’ve never had an issue.
    Then again, It’s indeed only a small step to FTP the file to the EQL and run the update trough the cli.
    I might consider this for future 5.1.x upgrades.
    Better safe then sorry 🙂

    grts & best wishes

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