Been a busy day, Native 2003 mode, Delegation and more fun, Riverbeds

So as most things IT, there is usually a long chain of dependencies. So recently we started rolling Outlook 2010 to our remote locations.

Well this of course causes our Riverbed WAN optimizers not to be able to encrypt the MAPI traffic anymore. Red triangles bah…

So, I get the awesome guide from riverbed on how to set up the MAPI optimization.

They write really good documentation!

So I get to step like 10 and then you have to right click on the created user and go to the delegation tab…. grr I don’t have a delegation tab. And why is that? Because we’re still running mixed mode. I know, I know that is so like last century. So after fixing a couple of schema ‘ghosts’ caught by the following commands to check AD

Run dcdiag, netdiag and repadmin in verbose mode.
-> DCDIAG /V /C /D /E /s:yourdcname > c:\dcdiag.log
-> netdiag.exe /v > c:\netdiag.log (On each dc)
-> repadmin.exe /showrepl dc* /verbose /all /intersite > c:\repl.txt

We finally are in native 2003 mode.

So I can continue on trying to optimize the encrypted MAPI traffic.

I had to rename the riverbed because its name was longer than 15 characters…  gah

Gah, unfortunately after all that I’m still getting the blasted red triangles!


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