The BIOS reports that NUMA node 1 has no memory. The problem is either caused by a bad BIOS or a very unbalanced distribution of memory modules.

I was thinking this when I got this error 🙂

But it turns out,

With the IBM 3690 X5, if you are installing VMWare with two processors you need a memory mezzanine. Half the memory will be installed on the board for processor 1, and the other half will be installed on the mezzanine for processor two….

Important VMware ESX considerations: When installing and running VMware ESX on
this server, the operating system might fail to install or boot with the following error
message when the server memory configuration is not NUMA-compliant:
“NUMA node 1 has no memory”
There are only three possible configurations to support VMware:
 One processor is installed and no mezzanine board is installed.
 Two processors are installed and matching memory is installed on both the system
board and the mezzanine board.
 Two processors are installed, no internal memory is installed, and the memory installed
in an attached MAX5 memory expansion is configured as non-pooled memory.


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