Getting my ‘the dude’ on part II

So after much futzing I was able to get a service monitored in ‘the dude’ I learned about a whole bunch of things like SNMP Oid’s etc…. at first I tried to create a probe like this

HOWTO check if specific SERVICE is running or not

Create New Probe and tag it with your required target device.

Probe Name:  check_telnet_service
Type:  Function
Available:  if(array_find(oid_column(“″),”Telnet”)>0, 1, 0)
Error:  if(array_find(oid_column(“″),”Telnet”)>0, “”, “Telnet not detected by SNMP probe”) 
:  1

From here

But, that didn’t work for me. Eventually I ran into the fact that you have a copy of SNMPwalk inside of the tools of ‘the dude’ at that point you can paste in into the top right of the Oid, and then I was able to find the service in question. Then awesomely enough, you can right click and say create SNMP probe from that service. Then I tested. Part of what was difficult was that you have to be patient with the SNMP service. It takes a minute or two before it registers that a service is down! But, I verified it, and this did in fact allow you to monitor whether a service was running or not!


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