How to check that a specific process is running, ‘the dude’

Available: if(array_find(oid_column(“”), “db2sec.exe”)>0, 1, -1)
Error: if(array_find(oid_column(“”), “db2sec.exe”)>0, “”, “DB2_db2sec.exe not detected by SNMP probe”)
Value: 1
Unit: running
Rate: none

Change “db2sec.exe” with the name of the service you like to monitor. One thing I also noticed is, that the name is case-sensitive! Write the service name the same as you see it in the Windows Task Manager.


One comment

  1. hi mellerbeck,
    this oid is good to know if a windows service is running or not.
    but if the service is suspended, for this test result running !
    many reports the other method that use the services table:

    Available: if(array_find(oid_column(“″),”MyService”)>0, 1, 0)
    Error: if(array_find(oid_column(“″),”MyService”)>0, “”, “MyService not detected by SNMP probe”)
    Value: 1
    Rate: none

    This method return only -1 as result.
    do you known a method to access a service running status correctly?
    examining oid table structure for services …array_find search for service name, but the service status is a property of table entry.

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