Slow server 2008 r2 box…. did you know

In some cases you may experience degraded overall performance on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine when running with the default (Balanced) power plan. The issue may occur irrespective of platform and may be exhibited on both native and virtual environments. The degraded performance may increase the average response time for some tasks and cause performance issues with CPU-intensive applications




Some methods of Learning #Qlikview

I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about Qlikview. I really wish someone would write a 1,000 monster Bible on the product but Alas I haven’t found it yet.

Some things I have found:

Books on Qlikview: Hello Qlikview  This is a nice little intro guide to qlikview, this is good to hand to someone who is just starting to get into self service BI using Qlikview.

Qlikview for Enterprises This is a very indepth book about BI, ETL, and practices surrounding an Qlikview implementation. It won’t really help you learn how to script / or design though.

Qlikview 11 Developers Guide This book isn’t released yet (as of 10/9/2012) it looks like it should be pretty good

The next thing that I find very useful is to follow people on the Qlikview Forum and read everything that they post 🙂

For scripting awesomeness you should follow

Henric Cronström and Rob Wunderlich

Speaking of Henric (I wish he would write a book on Qlikview!) you should read all of his Tech documents  I really like

And speaking of Rob you should check out his downloads  he has the awesome Qlikview CookBook as well as the Qlikview Components

I also like to follow Steve Dark all of the qlikviews he publishes are extremely well done and documented.

So, I also like to follow a bunch of Qlikview Blogs.

If you are interested in making Qlikview look Awesome you really need to read everything by

I also like