Some methods of Learning #Qlikview

I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about Qlikview. I really wish someone would write a 1,000 monster Bible on the product but Alas I haven’t found it yet.

Some things I have found:

Books on Qlikview: Hello Qlikview  This is a nice little intro guide to qlikview, this is good to hand to someone who is just starting to get into self service BI using Qlikview.

Qlikview for Enterprises This is a very indepth book about BI, ETL, and practices surrounding an Qlikview implementation. It won’t really help you learn how to script / or design though.

Qlikview 11 Developers Guide This book isn’t released yet (as of 10/9/2012) it looks like it should be pretty good

The next thing that I find very useful is to follow people on the Qlikview Forum and read everything that they post 🙂

For scripting awesomeness you should follow

Henric Cronström and Rob Wunderlich

Speaking of Henric (I wish he would write a book on Qlikview!) you should read all of his Tech documents  I really like

And speaking of Rob you should check out his downloads  he has the awesome Qlikview CookBook as well as the Qlikview Components

I also like to follow Steve Dark all of the qlikviews he publishes are extremely well done and documented.

So, I also like to follow a bunch of Qlikview Blogs.

If you are interested in making Qlikview look Awesome you really need to read everything by

I also like



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