our #Qlikview 11 upgrade

So I had the fun task of upgrading our server from 11 to 11.2. Usually this is pretty easy next, next, done. (Qlikview has great compatibility across version, they are top notch) this time was a little different because I wanted to upgrade and change over to a new box. (An IBM 3690 X5 196 GB of RAM!) so I messed around a lot and finally found out how to transfer the tasks. This was my step by step. 

Pre-steps. Make screen shots of all the config on the old box, copy over private and public folders to new qlikview server (I should have used robocopy to preserve the file permissions! I did not and of course that means until a refresh some of qvw’s had incorrect permissions (because qlikview will just publish anything in the public folder!). Make a copy of the QVPR folder located @  C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR (this is the magic, this folder has all your tasks)

Unplug the old qlikview box from the network (can plug it back in if things go south)

Change IP and rename new box to the old box’s name. (reboot, of course)

Install Qlikview, turn on the management service so that the QVPR folder will be created and then overwrite it with my QVPR from the old server. Reboot

Go to each screen and put in my settings. Tada

scratch my head why admins can’t get to admin console, google it, remember I need to add the to the local Qlikview admin group.

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