#Qlikview I know I know, it took me forever to try the document analyzer

Needless to say, it is very cool!


Qlikview resetting variables during reload, solution

From http://community.qlik.com/thread/39123

Re: Preventing variable reset on reload
Ryan O'SullivanApprentice


I have come across a possible workaround that is working in my environment.

In the document properties/variables tab, for each of the user variables i have ticked the box for “Include in Bookmarks”. After several document reloads using publisher the variable values are being retained after each refresh. I was having a similar issue with Date variables changing back to defaults and now it appears fixed.

Note: You need to reload it a first time, then change your variables and reload again to see the changes is working.



our #Qlikview 11 upgrade

So I had the fun task of upgrading our server from 11 to 11.2. Usually this is pretty easy next, next, done. (Qlikview has great compatibility across version, they are top notch) this time was a little different because I wanted to upgrade and change over to a new box. (An IBM 3690 X5 196 GB of RAM!) so I messed around a lot and finally found out how to transfer the tasks. This was my step by step. 

Pre-steps. Make screen shots of all the config on the old box, copy over private and public folders to new qlikview server (I should have used robocopy to preserve the file permissions! I did not and of course that means until a refresh some of qvw’s had incorrect permissions (because qlikview will just publish anything in the public folder!). Make a copy of the QVPR folder located @  C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR (this is the magic, this folder has all your tasks)

Unplug the old qlikview box from the network (can plug it back in if things go south)

Change IP and rename new box to the old box’s name. (reboot, of course)

Install Qlikview, turn on the management service so that the QVPR folder will be created and then overwrite it with my QVPR from the old server. Reboot

Go to each screen and put in my settings. Tada

scratch my head why admins can’t get to admin console, google it, remember I need to add the to the local Qlikview admin group.

How I’ve been #Qlikview ing lately, update

So in addition to the below


And I also started using subversion for source control


I also like to make a simple little deploy .bat file. This guy copies over my changes, and then runs an EDX command (setup your reload with an EDX task) This way I can check my changes on the server.


xcopy “C:\Working_Qlikview\Financial Statement New.qvw” “\\qlikview\c$\Qlikview\QlikView Storage\Private Data\Source Documents\In Production\Accounting\Stuff.qvw”

ECHO Please Wait While Data Refreshes
\\qlikview\QMSEDX_CommandLine\qmsedx -task=”Distribute Stuff” -qms=http://qlikview:4799/QMS/Service -password=apassword


Some #Mobile #Qlikview Designs

So I have been working on setting up some scorecarding and dashboarding Qlikviews for display on iphone/ipads. One design tip: design it to be readable on an iphone and it will look perfect on an iPad.

So for lack of a better name I call the top of our “BI” pyramid the scorecard. This is simply a rolled up grade of some metrics.

It looks like this:



If something concerns you (or you want to know more, you simply press say the Bookings KPI) and that will open up the Bookings KPI Dashboard. I did this with an ‘Open URL’ Action and the use the

‘AJAX’ link to the qlikview http://qlikview.nffc.local/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=Sales/BookingsKPI/BookingsKPI.qvw&host=QVS@qlikview

bookings dashboard



Now, if you want even more specific information you can drill down by pressing the ‘To Bookings By Commodity”


This opens up the Bookings Commodity Dashboard

It looks like this

Notice buttons down the right (better ipad/iphone UI)

Sales Type COMMODITY customer

I use list boxes because this allows for single click (instead of click and hold which I find an annoying interface most the time) for charts I will overlay a listbox to accomplish this.



Initial Selection with Ajax and Qlikview

Often times especially with mobile qlikviews you want to set an initial selection. Unfortunately the OnOpen trigger is not supported with AJAX mode (which is the best way of accessing qlikviews with a mobile device)

How to best do this then?

Well at first I tried creating a bookmark and then saving the doc with that bookmark applied. Actually its interesting to use a search string to apply a variable as a bookmark. The Syntax looks something like =gl_perod_year=$(vCurrentPeriodYear)

Assuming you have Variable set with the right year data

Unfortunately this didn’t work. So I ended up using the OnOpen Trigger. Apparently, at the moment at least, if you apply a bookmark using an OnOpen trigger it seems to work well with the AJAX version. Go figure.

So, find out your bookmark ID and use that with an Apply Bookmark action

Clear as mud?



Some methods of Learning #Qlikview

I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about Qlikview. I really wish someone would write a 1,000 monster Bible on the product but Alas I haven’t found it yet.

Some things I have found:

Books on Qlikview: Hello Qlikview  This is a nice little intro guide to qlikview, this is good to hand to someone who is just starting to get into self service BI using Qlikview.

Qlikview for Enterprises This is a very indepth book about BI, ETL, and practices surrounding an Qlikview implementation. It won’t really help you learn how to script / or design though.

Qlikview 11 Developers Guide This book isn’t released yet (as of 10/9/2012) it looks like it should be pretty good

The next thing that I find very useful is to follow people on the Qlikview Forum and read everything that they post 🙂

For scripting awesomeness you should follow

Henric Cronström and Rob Wunderlich

Speaking of Henric (I wish he would write a book on Qlikview!) you should read all of his Tech documents

http://community.qlikview.com/people/hic?view=documents  I really like





And speaking of Rob you should check out his downloads http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/  he has the awesome Qlikview CookBook as well as the Qlikview Components


I also like to follow Steve Dark all of the qlikviews he publishes are extremely well done and documented.

So, I also like to follow a bunch of Qlikview Blogs.

If you are interested in making Qlikview look Awesome you really need to read everything by http://qvdesign.wordpress.com/

I also like http://fortunecookiebi.blogspot.com/