#outsystems, where is the love for SMB’s? Where is the lite version, pricing

I was reading this (extremely long) post http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9115/license-and-pricing/ on the outsystems forum.

Many, many people very elegantly describe the lack of pricing for small to mid size businesses.

Where is the ‘lite’ version. Disable the enterprise features, and let us get it on the party. Could be something like how vmware has an essentials edition. And then as you grow you can buy enterprise to enable vMotion and all the rest.



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  1. Im a Force.com freelancer.
    Ive seen PaaS companies (Konfigure, Mendix, Outsystems) and thought “They could fit the Small/Medium sized business market very well”. WRONG. Who in their right mind will pay more than $1500 a month for software?? No one. In that case, Force.com is a bargain. $20 per user per month is peanuts compared to these other companies. Seems like greed and their business strategy are headed towards big corp and distancing themselves (like others) from SMB’s.
    Tis a sad world we live in.

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