So the bizlink address was really annoying so I fixed it with a redirect

I can’t stand web services that have you go to really long URL’s

for example the bizlink addy is http://s-bizlink:8080/ipnet/msgsrv/WebApp?app=msgsrv&cmd=onStart

Sure you can make a bookmark but what if you are on some other random device?

So this is what you do to fix it

Open up C:\BizLink\app3.3.0\tomcat\webapps

create a folder called ROOT

create a file called index.html

add the linke

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=http://yourserver:8080/ipnet/msgsrv/WebApp?app=msgsrv&cmd=onStart” />


Now you can browse to http://yourserver:8080 tada magic


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