#Whitelist #Blacklist #Brownfish #Bluefish

So, no-one likes getting malware. Am I right, or am I right.

So, after reading a whole bunch of posts about how to blacklist I decided to try it.

Most places say you should black list like



The thing about this though is

Sure it blocks exe files from being executed in the root of AppData and then the subfolder of AppData but thats it, it doesn’t block any deeper… also it only blocks .exe files. There are certainly a lot of bad things that can happen other than .exe

So what is a person to do

Well, if you black list


Guess what happens. The folder and all the sub folders are black listed, as well as not just .exe files it blacklists everything on the Designated File Types… a long list of executable code file types….

Where did this bad configuration come from? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like good advice.

But, after all that. I think what you really want to do anyways is white listing.

The best paper I have found on whitelisting is this NSA one.

Click to access application_whitelisting_using_srp.pdf


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