#Ravello #VEEAM and the chaos monkeys Part 2

So now I got a couple of ESX servers, next up, how to get a working vcenter running on them.

Hmm, looks like if I install vSphere Client on my desktop and open up all the ports I should be able to connect to one of the ESXi machines and then import in an image of a vcenter server… Wish me luck!

Ok, using ports of ‘ALL’ I can certainly reach my ESXi server 🙂


I then went to Deploy OVF template, and choose the downloaded OVF file from vmware site.

OK… scratch that. I think an easier method will be to just create a vcenter as a standalone VM, I will tackle the nested vcenter another day.

I followed the instructions here for the vcenter install.

One tip, after configging the port forwarding, you will need to use https://yourVcenterIP:5480 in order to access the web console.

I was amused at the steps to suppress the warning message about compliance 🙂

And with that I have a working vcenter! (I added the hosts to the vcenter)


Next post, some Veeam, and maybe some monkeys


#Webex please consider installing in the C:\Program Files

That is all….

Or at least create a corporate install like chrome.