How I was confused by AssemblyLinearVelocity Roblox

So a lot of tutorials show how to make a conveyor by using Part.Velocity

Of course, Part.Velocity is being deprecated.

So, being new to Roblox. I used the baseplate template, and then I dropped a part onto the plate. A scaled it out, easy enough.

So, I figured AssemblyLinearVelocity was what I needed to change. So I changed it 5,0,0

I then hit play and my character starts drifting across the baseplate….

So what happened? This is how I understand it, since I didn’t change the Anchored flag on the part when I changed the AssemblyLinearVelocity the new part was included with the ‘Assembly’ along with the base plate

Anchored (anchored parts will always be their own assembly root)

So, to fix the avatar character drifting across the baseplate. Click Anchored on the part, and then go to the baseplate and set the AssemblyLinearVelocity back to 0,0,0

Then go to your new part and set AssemblyLinearVelocity to 5,0,0 press play and tada only your character moves now.

So, I managed to do another interesting thing. If you create another new part, and it defaults to placement on top of the ‘conveyor’ it would pickup the AssemblyLinearVelocity of 5,0,0 just something I noticed (and of course trips me up)


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