Roblo3 is a fun ‘Unofficial SDK for Amazon Web Services compatible with Roblox’

Basically, you can read & write to dynamoDB from Roblox.

You need to enable HttpService

So, to read\write to dynamoDB from Roblox you will need an IAM account (this is a decent description of why )

Here is the how

Then you will need to create a simple dynamoDB table.

Place Roblo3 SDK into ServerScriptService then call require on the path to the SDK. You could put this in a click event.

local ServerScriptService = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
local roblo3 = require(ServerScriptService.Roblo3)

local awsArgs = {
    ["accessKeyID"] = "ACCESS_KEY_ID",
    ["secretAccessKey"] = "SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
    ["regionName"] = "us-west-2"

local dynamodb = roblo3.resource("dynamodb", awsArgs)

local table = dynamodb:Table("TestTable")

local response = table:PutItem(
		{["Item"] = { ["id"] = "helloworld" }


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