Can I Launch Oracle EBS 12.2.9 Vision Instance on Oracle Cloud in 30 minutes

This post say’s I can, ready start šŸ™‚ (I would say it took an hour, but still, it works šŸ™‚

Ok, setting up a free tier account, the usual you have to use a CC.

Oracle does not accept virtual cards or prepaid cards.

(I was annoyed that it doesn’t allow you to use Virtual Cards

(my favorite is Privacy.Com)

Hit Change Image

Change to Oracle Images, and at the bottom hit the Right Arrow until you see Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.10 Demo Install. (Hey how come no search!)

Changed the shape

I’m going to let it generate the SSH key

Since I’m on Windows + Putty I need to convert it to ppk

To use it is under SSH Auth in putty

Use the User given on the Oracle portal.

So I actually like the instructions here

Before you start the services, we need to create a Security Rule in the VCN to ensure we can access the port 8000 for EBS.

Navigate to Networking ā€” Virtual Cloud Networks ā€” Click on VCN ā€” Security Lists ā€” Add Ingress Rules ā€” Provide CIDR, Port 8000

Reading in the images the path to the startup scripts are

change to running as oracle

su – oracle

cd /u01/install/APPS/scripts/


sh <—– this can take a long time

. /u01/install/APPS/EBSapps.env run


So, supposedly you can put in your hosts file and it will work.

When I tried it, it usually ended up being something like

(It derives it from the physical name? )


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