More #equallogic fun

This is never a good sign… lost two drives, guess I’ll be opening a support ticket….



#EqualLogic #MEM #vmware install continued

So I’m following along with vmpete’s  mem install…

You really do have to put the server in maintenance mode or it won’t let you run 🙂

Like Pete suggests I used a full command string to setup. I looked up the definition of -nohwiscsi that means

Ignore any supported iSCSI offload network cards, and use
only the VMware software iSCSI initiator. If the
configuration script detects iSCSI offload network cards, it
will use this capability by default unless this flag is set.

My string looks like -configure -server= -vswitch=vSwitch4 –mtu=9000 -nics=vmnic4,vmnic5,vmnic10,vmnic11 -ips=,,, -netmask= -vmkernel=iscsi -nohwiscsi –enableswiscsi

Ok, that is awesome! You won’t realize how cool it is until you had to create iscsi nics the old fashion way! Thanks #Equallogic

mem nics

So I wanted to show the team how this script ran, in order to do it again you need to unbind the physical network cards from the iSCSI VMKernel

so starting with vmk1 (vmk0 usually is the management interface)

ESXi 5.0: # esxcli iscsi networkportal remove -n vmk1 -A vmhba33

Then I needed to install the Multipathing Extension Module…

Wow, piece of cake!

#vmware #Equallogic config continues (Fun in my little room)

So even though I’m spending a lot of time trying to break test my VMware setup. (Just starting to cable up the SAN network)












At least the monitor on the wall I get to use is ridiculously huge 🙂















I’m back at some #EqualLogic config again

First up:

Configuring Network Switches. Have two new power connect 6248’s (the 6224’s big brother)

So I’m looking all over for some config guides. And then holy smokes those EqualLogic/Dell peeps where listening to us

Rapid EqualLogic Configuration Portal by SIS

So all I have to do is click on relevant guides. Ok that is awesome

Here it goes

So I downloaded and installed ESXi 5.1 and awesomely enough it looks like the 10GB Intel cards are automagically detected.

Next need to get the switches up to current firmware so go to and then poke until I got to here

um this  Download Manager (Akamai Net Session) is a pain in the butt….

Ok, finding the right doc for the 6200 is still a pain this link looks good though

Ok, got the switch up and going with an IP, flow control on, portfast configured, and stacked using the Rapid EqualLogic configuration series doc.

Now to update the firmware…. hmmm so it appears I need either a TFTP server or web server setup… that is kindof strange oh well I’m downloading a copy of xampp-portable to server the file and see if that will work.

Ok on second thought solar winds tftp was ridiculously easy to setup and use. Then I just uploaded the firmware using the console commands and the doc that came with the new firmware.

Anyways, the below is where I will be living for a while….



EQL users, do you use the web GUI or CLI for firmware upgrades?

I’m curious about all of those EQL users out there, do you use the web GUI for your firmware upgrades or do you use the CLI?

After reading the post below I think I’m leaning towards the CLI upgrade, you?

During the upgrade I recieved a Kernel Panic and subsequent Panic Recovery, looks like the controller crashed during the update this resulted in the iSCSI targets being unavailable for a couple of minutes, the controllers did not fail over and I now have a Firmware mismatch.

Spoke to EqualLogic support, according to them there is a rare issue with FW Versions 5.1.x  that in when you process a firmware update using the Java based Group Manager GUI, there are instances when the firmware file becomes corrupted.  Support siad that this is a very rare issue and that it will be addressed in further updates.

EqualLogic PS Series SAN Password Recovery






EqualLogic PS6000XV vs. Hp StorageWorks P4500

There is just an amazing amount of apples to oranges comparisons to this ‘TEST’


Although I will give them that EQL snapshots are piggy 🙂

If I have any takers, add in the comments about what you found misleading about this article…