Visual Studio 2008 Express, Can’t get it to register solution

So awhile ago I downloaded VS2008 to play with and never got around to registering it. So I fired it up after about a months time and it told me that I must register in order to continue. Clicking on the registration link took me to a blank page and I was unable to proceed.

The fix, download the newest version of Vs2008 express. It appears I was using a Beta and that Microsoft disabled the registration for those versions. Too bad the web page wasn’t nice and informed me of the fact. Would have saved me an hour of messing around.



  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know the URL for registering the visual studio express products?

    When my copy tries to spawn IE (when Register Product is selected from the Help menu), IE crashes.

    IE does this all the time and I have resorted to using firefox for my browsing needs.

    I haven’t got around to fixing IE as I am content with firefox.

    I have googled for the registration URL but no joy. I have been to the MS website but that only tells me to use the Help menu entry.


  2. Right click on start and select properties. Click on customize and select Firfox to show in the start menu. This will make firefox the default browser. When Visual Studio tries to register it will open firefox instead.

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