Solved: Referenced assembly ‘..\..\..\..\Program Files\SQLite.NET\bin\System.Data.SQLite.DLL’ targets a different processor than the application.

This stumped me for quite awhile, everyone kept on saying just change the platform to target x86 instead of Any CPU. Only problem was couldn’t find info how to do this for the express edtion of vs 2008. The hidden step is

Please go to

Tool -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General

And check this option there:

Show advanced build configurations.

Then the configuration manager will be enabled.

Now when you go to your solution properties wa la you can change the targeted platform. Grrr… why was that so hard to locate.

On second glance you have to do a few more steps. Open up build, configuration manager, then use the plaftorm selection box, choose new, and now select your CPU.


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