Event 1988 with fairly clear instructions. Lingering Objects

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So I noticed AD replication was acting a bit funny this morning, then I checked the server logs and there was a whole bunch of 1988 events. After some googling hit on this article, MSOFT ARTICLE

So basically you fire up repadmin /showrepl (pick a server) this will get you the DC object GUID which you will need in the next step of fixing your “Lingering Objects” does anyone else think Klingons when they read that 🙂

Looking in the event log, I get the following sort of crap.

Source DC (Transport-specific network address):
CN=594f3982-a9d3-4ab5-addd-71e1c90f4adbADEL:b71d6a39-67b3-4e8d-8b75-7b2e8abf8827,CN=Deleted Objects,CN=Configuration,DC=nffg,DC=local
Object GUID:

Also using the repadmin /showrepl you will notice you can see the guid’s of your servers. So the trick is to find the GUID from that list that matches your server that was giving you the 1988 error.

OK now that you know that you will use the repadmin /removelingeringobjects command against it, first giving it the problem server, then the GUID of an “up-to-date writable replica of the directory partition that contains the lingering object” then the “The distinguished name of the directory partition that is identified in the event message. For example, DC=RegionalDomainName,DC=ForestRootDomainName,DC=com for a domain directory partition”

In my case it looked like this

C:\>repadmin /removelingeringobjects my-server1 ffe00422-fd61-441f-a033-a05
a99e746f2 CN=Configuration,DC=nffg,DC=local /advisory_mode

It reported: RemoveLingeringObjects sucessfull on my-server1.

It took this as good news so then I ran it without the /advisory_mode. It appears to have resolved my lingering objects. (I had to run it a few more times on other server) hopefully this will not come back 🙂


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