Hp thou suckest 2015n nightmare device

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The file hpc20155.xml is needed. I guess its not completely HP’s fault they blame windows update having a wrong version of the driver…. all I know is I’ve wasted about an hour now and no solution yet. I am starting to hate HP more and more. Their printers and drivers used to be great, just install and go… nowadays….worse and worse.

Basically you need to disable the driver auto updates before you attempt this printer install. The best method appears to be using the built-in jet direct and don’t even bother with the usb.


3 Responses

  1. same bloody nightmare. Microsoft or HP, same crap !

  2. I had the same problem with a non-n model. Here is my fix:

    The fix

  3. Thank you, thank you Brett! You’re right, most everyone just whined about it… but thanks for finding the fix!!!

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