Because of the free version of VMware server you have no excuse! You can easily turn your crapplication’s into VM’s

Everybody has them, some strange white box hidden under their desk, maybe it’s for development or maybe its even running production software, but none-the-less, it’s a crapplication. You need the application but its not worth buying a ‘real’ server to host it, so what do you do? This is where the free version of VMware server comes to the rescue in crapplication wrangling. First install the VMware server on a decent server somewhere (your ‘stall’ you might say) next get your free VMware converter (your ‘laso’) and start wrangling those crapplications! This way they are moved to newer hardware, thats probably still under a maintence contract. All the crap is centralized. Plus if you ever need to move it to a different box, all you have to do is copy a file! The crapplication can exist eternally… whether thats a good idea or not I don’t know 🙂


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