Applied IT/ Infrastructure

I’ve been reading this paper The Information Management Body of Knowledge

It got me thinking about the different terms that are used to describe areas within an IT organization. Of course lots of confusion happens when people refer to different things using different terms. IT is definitely one such term. In some organizations the scope of what the ‘IT’ department handles is much greater than in others. The paper I’m reading above (IMBOK4b) places IT at the foundational level. It refers to IT as being made up of ‘raw information technology’.

If I was to use a term to describe this concept I think I would refer to it as Applied Information Technology or possibly just the Infrastructure level. This is what everything else is built off of. Obviously, if your foundation is not solid it won’t matter what wizardry you build on top of it, you will have a hard time being successful.

In some future posts I will start writing about what I think helps to make a good IT foundation.


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