Ok, back to ramblings about the lowest common denominator of IT

My ramblings, correct me where incorrect.

You could call it your IT backbone, or your IT infrastructure. Its the lowest level that everything else runs on. Network cables, network cards, routers, switches, hubs, maybe some fiber, firewalls, and your connection to the Internet.

How do you monitor your infrastructure?

These guys are doing some amazing things http://www.trigeo.com/ unfortunately they are very proud of their product and still a little expensive for my taste. Too bad they don’t offer a better small to middle sized business version… but I digress, they are also a little higher level then bare bones network device monitoring.

This guy is very cool for some remote monitoring rim-600 it will call you when ip address go down, allow you to physically reboot servers as well as monitor temperatures and water in your server rooms.

What do you use to monitor your switches and routers?


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