Information Management, lowest common denominator

I started to ponder what lies at the root of ‘IT’ or ‘IS’ or whatever you want to call it. What is its backbone, what makes it tick.  Which of course started my brain on some tangential thoughts. I arrived at who is actually driving the whole process. Of course the answer is your ‘user’ or some might say your ‘actor’. Then I started thinking of all the training dollars that go into making your ‘users’ more ‘effective’.

Lets take for example an advanced Microsoft word class or something. How much more effective have your users become at weeks end? What if you took those same users and stuck them in a touch typing class and then maybe a speed reading class. At that point they have learned a fundamental skill that will be applied across every future application they touch. You have upgraded their basic I/O. That’s what I would call increasing effectiveness. I’m surprised how often such a simple skill is overlooked.


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