Qlikview, trying to create an almost realtime dashboard

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I’m really curious about using qlikview to create an almost realtime dashboard. It appears there is some functionality in the qlikview server/document for allowing this. If you open up settings, document properties, and then click the Server tab you get a whole bunch of interesting options. The option that I am trying to get to work is the :

Server performs refresh automatically, without client action

This is the option to choose if you prefer to always let the server initiate a refresh of data in the client automatically. When a new version of the document becomes available on the server, the data in the client will be refreshed.

There is also the Client Refresh Initiation Mode, which I don’t think matters if you use the Server performs refresh automatically.

So my plan is to create a super simple dashboard that publisher will reload every minute, and have this dashboard pull in data from a simple csv file. Then I will alter the CSV file and see if my dashboard updates itself. So far I haven’t been successful but I have been messing with a much more complex .qvw


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