Blue screen after converting from free VMware server to ESX server

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I was getting a blue screen after a V2V conversion with inaccessible boot device. So I read all over that you can fix this using the console of the windows xp cd. So I use a copy of undisker and convert a slipstreamed sp2 xp disc into an .iso. Then I try to sftp the .iso over to the ESX server where it runs into a problem during the rename process. I find on the internet that if you use SCP it will work, so I copy it with SCP. Next I had to figure out how to get a VM to boot off of the CD. If you right click on the properties there is a check box to go into the bios on next boot, in the BIOS you can set the boot order. Finally it boots to the recovery console and I’m informed that it can’t find the OS… grr I wonder if I need to F6 and load some driver.. anyways so after all this in order to get it working I just uninstalled the vmware tools first before running the V2V and then it converts, joy. Actually it still failed if I tried to change the disk image size. If I leave the disk image size alone then it works. Who knows, I’m just happy it boots now.

Roasted red, brown sugar, chocolate glazed, cashew potatoes

This is a recipe my brother and I invented last night. So wash and halve your red potatoes and place on a baking sheet (I like to put down foil to contain the juices). Dice an onion and lay over and around potatoes. Dice a carrot and lay over and around potatoes. Combine half a stick of butter, a couple spoon fulls of thyme, couple spoonfulls of brown sugar and melt together. Drizzle over potatoes. Melt small amount of chocolate and drizzle sparingly over potatoes. Place a cashew on top of each potato and bake for 30 minutes at 450 or until potatoes are tender.

How to Cook FriChik

I tried to find a web page that told me how to cook up some FriChik. I couldn’t find one. But here are some things that I have tried so far. I heated up some olive oil and then fried up the FriChik. He he simple huh, but it tasted pretty good. Anything tastes good fried right! Next I tried breading some and then baking it for 30 mins at 475. The outside got nice and crispy and the inside was still surprisingly moist. This tasted pretty good too, but I preferred the Fried ones.