The dangers of virtualizing part 3 (I think)

So we virtualized our exchange 2003 server and let me tell you it has been great! Being able to vmotion that sucker anywhere we want is the greatest thing ever since sliced bread with a cherry on top! During the virtualization though, we had to decide on how much of our very expensive SAN we wanted to dedicate to our lame o email server. We looked at our DB and decided to give it quite a bit of room to grow and then called it good. The moral of the story though… now that I’m trying to restore some accidentally deleted emails I fire up my nifty Recovery Storage Group (Man it is much nicer than trying to restore exchange 5.5) anyways…. yeah you guessed it… we didn’t leave enough space  😦 so now I get to add another virtual harddrive to our exchange server so we can do a restore…

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